Explore your surroundings, observe, and beat the clock! An escape room is a 60 minute real life adrenaline fuelled adventure, where you and your team have to use your imagination, and out-of-the-box thinking to solve various puzzles and clues found in the room, in order to escape! Each escape room has a unique story and setting. Escape rooms are ideal fun for families, friends, co-workers and to bring some novelty to your parties!
Yes and no. You and your team will be closed in a room for 60 minutes, however, your game master will be watching your gameplay closely, and if, at any point, any of the players wish to leave the room, they can do so by alerting the game master who will promptly let them out. The team can still carry on with game play until the time runs out.
Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time. This time is needed to introduce your team to the game play and to explain all the rules. Each game is designed for a 60 minutes intense fun, however, we guarantee that your team will have fun from the moment of arrival until well after the game finishes!
Providing there is no immediate booking after yours, the game master will allow some extra time to your game play.
Your game master is available to you at all times in order to help you with the game, and provide subtle clues to solving the puzzles. You can ask for as many clues a you want throughout the game
There is no age limit, but the recommended age is 13 and above. The games are designed for 2-5 players. In some games, we can allow a 6th player.
We recommend all our games to be played in 2-5 player teams due to the space restriction and number of puzzles available, however, we do allow a sixth player to join in all of our adventures apart from The Crypt.
Unfortunately, none of our promotional discounts and/or offers can be combined.
Yes, we can take your pictures with your mobile phones after the game.
Although we don't have allocated parking available at any of our locations, there are plenty of street parking spaces on our street and around streets (FREE on Sundays and public holidays) or parking garages nearby.
The safety of our staff and the funcionality of our rooms is extremely important and if serious injury of our staff occurs, or the group becomes violent and careless towards the interior of our rooms, the game master has the right to stop scaring or finish the game altogether if necessary. Players will receive a warning prior to this happening. Please ensure you follow rule guidance from our member of staff before the game begins.