Who are we?

We are a team of hard core escape room enthusiasts, and with the experience of almost 90 escape rooms “under our belt” (and still counting!), we are very happy, and most of all, very proud, to present to you The Old Lock Up escape rooms!

From the very moment we started playing escape rooms in the early 2016, we knew we wanted to create one of our own. From then on, we traveled, we played, we noted everything we loved (and everything we hated) about escape rooms, and started drawing out plans for Kidnapped in October 2017.

In January 2018. we found the perfect space for our escape rooms, put the office clothes away at 4pm, put the work clothes on, and worked solid until late, every day, for 2 months. We had to learn new skills every day - from how to build dry walls, put tiles on, fit carpets and fit door frames on, to how to set up the technical side of things, so, everything you see, and everything you experience in our escape rooms comes from our own heads, and our own hands.

Why “Kidnapped”?
Because we think escape rooms should be all about the thrill, the adrenaline, and the rush to - ESCAPE! So many escape rooms offer JUST puzzles, but we wanted to add that “I need to escape this place!” factor to our escape rooms, and so “Kidnapped” was our “first born”.

(July 2018):
Just 4 months after opening the basement of our serial killer, our “HAUNTED” hotel opened its doors too!
Are you ready to meet the EVIL within?

(February 2019):
THE CRYPT opened it’s coffins! Can you prove you are NOT vampires, and escape from the darkness of our tomb?

(September 2020):
We decided to expand in March 2020 (yep, just before the new virus hit us all) and a few months later, MORGUE was created - can you survive the evil doctor operating in an abandoned city morgue?

We hope you have as much fun playing our escape rooms, as we did creating them!

The Old Lock Up team :)

Our Team

  • Marijana

    Co-Creator & Owner

  • Ben

    Co-Creator & Owner