55 EUR
2 Players
65 EUR
3 Players
75 EUR
4 Players
85 EUR
5 Players
95 EUR
6 Players

Upon arrival at a famous hotel you unexpectedly take a trip into dark history and discover the disturbing past of the the family that once ran it.

WARNING: Haunted Hotel escape room is played in very low light, with sound effects and scenes that can, in some people, cause fear. This game is not recommended for children under 13 years of age, pregnant women and heart patients. We wish you a pleasant stay!

The safety of our staff and the funcionality of our rooms is extremely important and if serious injury of our staff occurs, or the group becomes violent and careless towards the interior of our rooms, the game master has the right to stop scaring or finish the game altogether if necessary. Players will receive a warning prior to this happening. Please ensure you follow rule guidance from our member of staff before the game begins.

Our most popular adventure! An escape room with a twist, an adventure many players come to play again and again! Only for the BRAVE! Excellent choice for players with some experience who want even MORE from their escape adventure! Top fun guaranteed in any case!

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